More of Würzburg

Saturday 1 July 2017

After visiting the Residence we headed back to where the car was parked.  These are some of the things I spotted on the way.


Vineyards in front of the Marienberg Fortress.


In 1582, the University of Würzburg was founded by Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn. The Prince-Bishop of Würzburg ordained that a monumental building should be constructed for his university together with a university church.  This is the tower of the Neubaukirche (newly built church).  At 91 meters high it is the highest church tower of Wurzburg.


This shows part of the old university and the Neubaukirche.


This is one way of seeing the sights of Würzburg !


Several colour windmills added some colour to this little garden.

Time for an afternoon indulgence.  The hot chocolate was nice, but the icecream sundae was better !  The topping was Amarena cherries.  Absolutely delicious and a favourite with me.

The outdoor area we sat in was busy with lots of people.  This tour group arrived on Sedgways.  An effortless way to move about.


Wurzburg is a busy place on Saturday.  This car pretended it was a Smart car and squeezed into a small space.   One thing I noticed about the cars is that I didn’t notice any old cars.


Right near where Christoph parked was this green space complete with a small fountain.


On our way from the city centre to where Christoph’s parents live, were some flyovers, similar to what is in Wellington, however these seemed bigger and longer.


Trains run on a prompt timetable, so people waiting can rely on them to be on time.  However not in this case.  A car somehow lost control and ended up on the train line, thus bringing the train schedule to a temporary halt.  I don’t believe anyone was hurt, but the car was well and truly stuck.


The next blog is about my homestay in Wurzburg with Christoph’s parents.



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