Wandering from the Marktplaz to Würzburg Residence

Saturday 1 July 2017

Once we had parked the car, Christoph, Marle and I starting clocking up some more steps as we headed to the Marktplaz in search of lunch.  As we walked, I naturally took some images along the way.  This is the school that Christoph, whom I stayed with, went to as a youngster.


The public transport systems mean wires and tram lines everywhere and cars sharing the same space.  It is not always possible to get a photo without including electric wires !  I like the colours of the plaster and how not all the buildings are the same colour.


Spotted these fishy plates in a window display.


This shop window poster caught my eye.


Bright flowers adorn the street lantern.  I’m not exactly sure what the building in the middle is.  “Apotheke” is German for “pharmacy”.


A regular tram in the city centre.


The Marktplaz was full of stalls with fresh food and willing shoppers.  St. Mary’s Chapel just creeps into the left of this image.


There was no shortage of variety both with vegetables and fruit.

We queued up for the traditional and apparently best made bratwurst sausage at this “fast food” outlet.  The reputation of this particular seller is such that the queues are often long.


Bratwurst sausage with sweet mustard sauce.  No pigeons were going to get a share of my lunch, that’s for sure !


In front of the traditional Maypole in the Marktplaz is a fish seller’s truck.  A view of more fruit and vegetable stalls and a close up of St. Mary’s Chapel’s spire.

More fresh fruit and vegetables.  The basket of garlic made me think of Sus’s usual large harvest of garlic 🙂

The Neumünster Church, built in the 11th century, looms in the background.  It is located adjacent to the Cathedral.


It wasn’t until writing this blog that I found out the background of Project “Schmökerkiste” – the mobile bookshop.  The rolling “Schmökerkiste” is a colorful painted car, in which donated books are sold for a little money by homeless people.  The “Schmökerkiste” aims to provide employment to unemployed people and help them to build their day-to-day life, as they lack the structure and regularities, and have little chance of finding a job. This brings them into contact with people outside their usual environment.  It is hoped that through the “Schmökerkiste”  prejudices against homeless people can be broken down.


The Würzburg Residence beckons at the end of the street.


A few more things to look at before arriving at Würzburg Residence.


The Chronosbrunnen , also called Moenusbrunnen stands on the Hofstraße in front of the Bechtolsheimer Hof.  It is a classic temple-shaped fountain witha man with wings on top pointing to the residence, along with a female character who writes something down. One interpretation of this group of figures is that it shows Chronos (the god of time) commissioned Clio (the muse of history) to report on the residence in the history books. On the front side of the temple, in a niche, is Moenus, the river god of the Main. Built on the initiative of prince-bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim. Originally, the figures were painted white and decorated with gold. In the 1870s the figures were weathered so much that a copy was made.  Johann Peter Alexander Wagner (Obertheres, Unterfranken 1730 – Würzburg 1809), German sculptor, working in Wurzburg.


The next blog gives a tour of the gardens around the Würzburg Residence. 



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